Making Learning Interactive & Fun for Your Students

banner Schoolgram is on a mission to revolutionise learning by providing the next generation of highly interactive learning content delivered in a powerful, exciting and easy to use manner.


A New Way to Learn

Schoolgram provides highly interactive content for students to learn and have fun at the same time. The goal is to achieve learning objectives through fun, engagement and interactivity without emphasis on rote learning.

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Activities and learning components are designed to be interactive allowing students to self-learn, seeing their mistakes and improving the answer. Schoolgram helps students achieve higher understanding and helps improve critical concepts whether it be STEM courses or language courses.

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We use out-of-the-box learning methods to make mundane information easier to understand, remember and entertaining for the kids.

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Learning exercises inspired by famous games like Mario Kart and Tetris, our LMS makes learning both enjoyable and effective for our students. At the same time it provides a reward system that encourages healthy competition among students aspiring to achieve excellence.

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Repetition is a key ingredient to mastering knowledge. Our learning exercises are specially programmed with custom randomized algorithms allowing for the activities to be repeated for mastering the topic.

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Even though we provide the content, educators have the flexibility to make their own questions, quizzes, assignments and more allowing for flexibility to optimize teaching for a given environment.

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Continuous Improvement

We are continuously improving our content with newer ideas and by studying statistics of student performance. We are also open to ideas from any and all educators on how to improve our content as our goal is to get the best learning opportunities out there for the next generation.

Delivering a Holistic Learning

Learning Content

Schoolgram provides a large range of subject content in an easy to teach manner. Students can review the concepts on-demand for their exams or otherwise.

Learning content
Interactive Exercises

Schoolgram provides a large variety of interactive activities custom designed to maximize the mastery of a topic. The concepts are delivered in a way to reinforce student's understanding of topics.

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Student Insights

Teachers can track student's performance and get insights based on their performance and identify areas to focus on.

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Student Evaluation

Schoolgram provides you with easy to design custom quizzes and exams to assess your students and an easy interface for teachers to assess student performance.

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Variety of Curriculum

Schoolgram provides a variety of curriculums so each school can choose the curriculum they want to use.

Variety of Curriculum

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